Sunday, August 9, 2015 is now had a name change and is now called the company will now focus more on
Beer shirts, liquor shirts, bartender shirts, and tank tops. This name change will help give instant
recognition on what the website sells and is all about. They have partnered up with
NouVeaU Designs to produce the shirts a customer likes the most, a customer can
choose color of the shirt (over 5) and the color of the font to their liking (over 6
colors) depending on the product. This will give a unique advantage on
making a product to the customers needs and likes.

The domain name changed happened in May of 2015. looks forward to
the change and selling thru the remaining inventory that does not fit the company's
vision of products to carry. will continue to grow it's product line and
options to choose from. A customer can also email them to produce something that is
new and if they can make it, they will list it.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Custom your Beer Shirt add your name

We are the only website that allows you to customize your Beer Shirt you can even add your name to a shirt, This item is available at under the beer shirt category. Purchase the shirt and let them know what name you want to add. For me I will say "Jason Needs A Beer".  We let you choose the color shirt and the color font, so if you need color like green for St. Paddy's, Red for Red Dress Run, or even just a black shirt.

If you want more info on Your Name Needs a Beer click on Custom Beer Shirts.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Crown Royal Xo

I added this Crown Royal XO to my Crown Royal Collection, it's pretty good you can tast the cognac you have to try this you will love it. Crown Royal XO comes in a gray bag and already had people wanting the bag alone. On the label of the bottle they have Blended Canadian Whisky - Finished in Cognac Casks. 80 proof 40% alc - This is a nice bottle as well that we have on our Bar Cart. Welcome to the Family!

For Crown Royal Merchandise check out - click on Crown Royal's link

This is a great shirt for anyone that loves Crown or just enjoys a glass here and there. This shirt is available at Liquor if you or someone you know might want one click on this link Drink Crown T-Shirt

Pickle Shots - Pickleback

Has anyone heard of pickle shorts, if you have not don't fell bad because I didn't know anything about it. A coworker was telling me about how popular it is in Dallas and other cities. If you have a pickle shot recipe tell me more about. Leave me comment below. Do you even like pick shots!

Van Holten's make a wide variety of pickles that come in a single serve pack.

A Shirt for a Johnnie Walker Lover

This Shirt is for the lover of Johnnie Walker. If you want one of these shirts check out and they can send you a shirt just like this.

They even has this one that is pretty funny, some will love it, some will hate it.
What is your vote!

Beer Pong King T-shirt / Beer Pong Hero T-shirt and many more

Liquor carries Beer Shirts as well don't let the name fool you, their selection of beer shirts is growing. Also if you can think of a beer shirt give them a try they can make it. Here is a few popular Beer Pong Shirts at Liquor if you want one click on Beer Pong Shirts. If you are in college and the challenge comes let them know you mean business with one of these shirts.

Beer Pong at Liquor Gear

 Become a Hero with this Shirt
this image can be added to a black shirt as well.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Tank Top with Multi mixed drinks

I like this tank top - I think this is the best tank top for bartenders or someone going to a party. this is an exclusive item at Liquor thank you Karen for the design, so far people love it. This is like a walking menu for bartenders and cocktail waitress. 
If you love this tank top go to Mixed Cocktails Tank Top 

Front side of the mixed cocktail tank top

back side of the liquor tank top with the logo on the back top.

Don't want this item as a tank top not a problem get it as a T-shirt